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Perth Shoulder Physio

Perth Shoulder Physio

Perth Shoulder Physio is the first physiotherapy service to specialise in shoulder pain treatment in Perth. We believe you deserve access to shoulder experts with the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose and fix your shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain and injuries are complex and disabling, which is why Perth Shoulder Physio spends 60 minutes with you to ensure you receive a comprehensive assessment and individualised shoulder pain treatment.

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Adam McKnight

Adam McKnightShoulder Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Curtin University)

Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (Latrobe University)

10+ years of clinical experience specializing in shoulder pain treatment in Perth.

Have you got a sore shoulder? Is your shoulder clicking, crunching or popping? Have you failed shoulder treatment elsewhere? Perhaps you’re searching for a shoulder physio in Perth because you’re desperate for relief from your shoulder pain?

Book an appointment with Adam now for effective shoulder pain treatment at Perth Shoulder Physio.

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Shoulder Bursitis


Shoulder bursitis is the most common diagnosis of shoulder pain. Shoulder bursitis is a symptom of more complex shoulder dysfunction. Get shoulder bursitis treatment today.

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Rotator cuff tears can be traumatic or degenerative. Rotator cuff tears are most prevalent in those over the age of 40. Get rotator cuff treatment today.

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Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy


Rotator cuff tendinopathy is caused by an increase in shoulder activity. Rotator cuff tendinopathy can also be degenerative. Get rotator cuff tendinopathy treatment today.

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Frozen shoulder causes shoulder stiffness and pain. Frozen shoulder may occur spontaneously or following shoulder surgery or trauma. Get frozen shoulder treatment today.

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Shoulder dislocation and shoulder subluxation are forms of shoulder instability. A shoulder subluxation is a ‘mini’ shoulder dislocation. Get shoulder dislocation treatment today.

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Shoulder Arthritis


Shoulder arthritis causes stiffness and pain. Shoulder arthritis is most commonly caused by wear and tear. Get shoulder arthritis treatment today.

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Neck shoulder pain can be felt between the neck and the shoulder, around the shoulder blade and down the arm. Get neck shoulder pain today.

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Traumatic AC Joint injuries cause significant pain, which is felt at the top of the shoulder. It is important to manage AC Joint injuries correctly to prevent recurrent pain and instability. Get AC Joint treatment today. 

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What to expect atPerth Shoulder Physio

You will be welcomed to Perth Shoulder Physio by our friendly receptionists and provided with some basic paperwork.

You will be introduced to our shoulder expert Adam McKnight who will talk with you in order to fully understand your problem and your individual goals of treatment. He will guide you through his comprehensive shoulder assessment protocol, including special techniques to modify your pain.

You will be provided with a thorough explanation of your problem and an opportunity to ask questions. Your shoulder pain treatment is likely to consist of manual therapy techniques and an exercise program.

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